2016 News Releases / Coverage

2016 News Releases / Coverage

2016 News Releases / Coverage

SEP 06, 2016
IDrive Online Backup Introduces IDrive Private Cloud, an On-premise Cloud Backup Appliance

IDrive Online Backup has taken the curtains off of IDrive Private Cloud, a 6TB on-premise backup solution with the flexibility to access and manage from anywhere that also includes 6TB of IDrive cloud backup space.

JUL 26, 2016
IDrive Online Backup Updates IDrive Business with Two New Features for eDiscovery

IDrive Online Backup, a leading cloud backup company has updated their business backup software, IDrive Business, with two new features that give more control to administrators of business related accounts and can aid in the eDiscovery process.

JUL 14, 2016
IDrive Online Backup Unleashes IDrive Vault, a Hybrid Backup Appliance for Businesses

IDrive Online Backup has launched IDrive Vault, a 4TB hybrid backup solution for businesses to protect data locally and in the IDrive Cloud, making it a strong option for a disaster recovery plan.

JUL 09, 2016
IDrive unveils its on-premise backup solution ‘IDrive Private Cloud’

IDrive claims that the solution has the flexibility to access and manage data from anywhere and assist businesses in keeping their data protected.

May, 2016
IDrive offers a one-stop solution to back up all of your devices to a single, secure location

IDrive offers convenient cloud storage for backing up all of your devices, along with a downloadable application tool to make uploading and navigating your files simple. IDrive not only backs up the files on an unlimited number of your personal devices, but it can back up all your photos from social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram as well. Plus, all of your files are synced across each of your devices, ensuring that if changes are made to a file on one device, all of your devices’ file locations are updated with that same new version.

April 29, 2016
IDrive unveils low-cost archival data product Nearline

With its Nearline for data archiving, backup vendor IDrive touts a cost of 1 cent per gigabyte of storage per month, no data retrieval fee and quick access.

April 20, 2016
IDrive One WiFi Storage Released for HDD or SSD

IDrive Online Backup is announcing the launch of their IDrive One, a wireless storage device that provides advanced wireless connectivity, as well as streaming capabilities. The IDrive One is offered in both an HDD version with capacities of either 1TB or 2TB, and an SSD version with capacities of either 128GB or 256GB. Both versions comes with 1TB of IDrive cloud backup for free for one year.

Jan 22, 2016
IDrive Online Backup Announces VMware Backup

IDrive Online Backup, a leading cloud backup service, has launched VMware Backup, a cost efficient data protection solution for securing virtualization environments against disasters.

Traditional backup of virtualization machines can be costly, slow, and complicated. IDrive accelerates savings and backup times with incremental backups, simple restores, and disaster recovery for virtual machines. By backing up VM data incrementally, IDrive keeps the cost of storage and bandwidth usage down.

Jan 04, 2016
IDrive One storage device has fast Wi-Fi and a year of free cloud backup

IDrive just keeps making use of all that storage capacity that the drive makers are creating. The new IDrive One offers one terabyte of storage for $100 or two terabytes for $150.