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IDrive BMR Express – Store your locally backed up data on cloud!

March 22, 2019

IDrive™ BMR offers an image-based backup solution that is fast and has bare-metal restore capabilities. The BMR device is an onsite server that lets you backup entire systems – OS and applications included – without any additional hardware or software. You can further improve the effectiveness of your business recovery plan by transferring the BMR backups to cloud.

But uploading huge amount of data to the cloud can is time-consuming and even impacts the Internet bandwidth. To avoid bandwidth clogging and high data transfer time, IDrive BMR provides Cloud Seeding via BMR Express.

BMR Express is a service that lets you seed large amounts of your BMR backups to cloud. This is done through shipment of the data to the data center in an encrypted express device. The unique selling point of this service is that it requires zero internet bandwidth and lets you transfer large volumes of data within a week or less.

Is the BMR Express service free?

IDrive BMR Express service is available for free once per year. All the subsequent requests will be charged.

Is my data safe during transit?

While placing an order for the BMR Express device, you will be required to provide an encryption key that is not known to anyone else. Upon mounting the device on a server, the device will prompt the entry of this encryption key, ensuring your data is secured against at all times.

How do I avail the BMR Express service?

Fill the IDrive BMR shipment form with details of the size of the data to be transferred, your contact information, and the shipping details. The BMR server and related accessories will be shipped to you with detailed instructions.

How do I use the BMR Express device?

Transfer backups of your physical machines and/or your VMware server and ship the device back to IDrive using the prepaid return address label provided with the device.

What next?

After the BMR Express transfer is completed, you can ensure that your cloud repository remains updated with scheduled incremental backups.

Onsite backup features by IDrive™ BMR:

  • Image-based Backup: Backup entire hard drives or multiple partitions as a single 'image' file with recovery points for the entire system.
  • VMware Backup: Backup your virtual machines running on ESXi host and vCenter server and provide effortless data recovery support for your VMware data.
  • Instant Virtualization: In the event of a disaster, resume work in as less as 15 seconds by creating virtual instances without installing a hypervisor.
  • Incremental Backup: Quickly backup data to BMR server and cloud backup account by following up the initial full backup with the backup of only the modifications made to the files and folders.
  • Snapshots-based Restore: Perform point-in-time file and system recoveries using a single image stored on your BMR server.

What more?

  • Centralized Web Console: Monitor backup activities of all your clients and VMs remotely through the BMR Cloud Manage Console.
  • Bare-Metal Restore: Restore multiple systems in one go with nothing more than a pre-configured bootable CD or USB drive.
  • Optimized Storage: Optimize your BMR space with manual cleanup when your backups utilize more than 80% of the storage space.

IDrive™ BMR is the fast and efficient data backup solution your business needs. Contact sales to sign up!

Here's what the experts say:

You won't find a better overall online backup service than the full-featured IDrive, especially for the price. – Michael Muchmore

Support for the majority of common server applications. Free backup seeding service. Excellent security. – Daniel Brame, June 2018

IDrive's versatile and easy-to-use platform is packed with features and different ways to back up, store and recover your company's data, which is why we named it our best pick for small businesses. – Andreas Rivera, June 2018

IDrive is best for anyone who has multiple machines to back up. – Sean Riley, May 2018

Online backup for the person who wants everything; Backup, storage, sharing, local backup... IDrive does just about everything. – Jon L.Jacobi

IDrive Express is a common-sense solution to time-consuming backups. – Michael S.Lasky

All of the data is encrypted client-side using 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key, unusual security feature for syncing services. – Frederic Lardinois

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