True Archiving

The files you backup with IDrive remain in your account forever – unless you delete them.

IDrive does true archiving!

With true archiving, IDrive keeps all of your backed up files, including those which are no longer present on your computer, available in your IDrive account. That means that unless you have deleted a file from your account manually or through the automated Archive Cleanup process, you'll always have access to it. In other words, IDrive truly archives the files you backup.

Consider the following situation: Suddenly, you need access to data which has long since been deleted from your computer. If you have backed it up to your IDrive account before deletion, you can easily retrieve it. Unlike many cloud storage providers, IDrive does not automatically delete data from your cloud account, even if it has been removed from your computer or mobile device.

With true archiving, all the data you backup is securely stored in your cloud account, enabling you to more easily recover from virus attacks, system crashes or natural disasters.