Server Cloud Backup

Backup MS SharePoint Server

Deprecated Feature

This feature offering is not available for some accounts. If you wish to enable this feature, contact support.

Backup your complete SharePoint Server or portions of site / document libraries / lists including details of all log activities.

To backup your MS SharePoint Server,

  1. Login to the IDrive application and click the ‘Server Backup’ tab.
  2. Under the MS SharePoint Server section, click 'Backup'.
  3. Select the websites, applications from the list displayed; specify the temporary local backup path and click the 'Schedule Now' button.
  4. Select the web-sites, applications from the list which appears and specify the local backup location.
  5. Select Online Backup or Local Backup radio button, and click Schedule Now.

    Note: Once local backup is initiated, '.ServerBackup' folder is auto created.

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