Learn more about IDrive BMR with video tutorials on virtualization, BMR server management, settings and more. For more information, refer FAQs.

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Physical Machines
  • IDrive BMR

    Backup entire hard drive including operating system (OS) and application configuration to the BMR server just by installing agent software

    Backup hard drive to BMR server by installing agent software

  • Virtualization

    Create up to four virtual instances of your backed up machines on the BMR server and maintain high availability in case of a disaster

    Create up to 4 VMs of backed up machines on the BMR server

  • Centralized Web Console

    Monitor backup status remotely through the centralized web console via statistics and log reports

    Monitor backup status and view log reports via the console

  • Cloud Replication and Cloud Seeding

    Transfer data stored on the BMR server to your cloud account via Cloud Replication or via Cloud Seeding using an external device

    Transfer data stored on IDrive BMR server to your cloud account

  • Restore

    Restore entire data using a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive or even restore individual files as required

    Restore entire data with a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive

  • Cloud Manage

    Manage local BMR appliance from anywhere, without the need of being on the same network as the BMR server.

    Manage the local BMR appliance using any network

  • Settings

    Configure mail server, schedule image backups, apply network settings, and perform power operations of BMR server.

    Configure mail server and network settings, schedule backups and perform power operations